The Inspiring Young Changemakers Award

BIGKID Foundation 

BIGKID Foundation is an award-winning charity committed to seeing no young person lose their life or potential to youth violence. BIGKID was formed in 2000 by Shaninga Marasha, who – while still in sixth form – started a mentoring programme for the young people at his school who were at risk of exclusion and on their final warning. BIGKID offer a range of programmes for young people, including sports, mentoring and leadership. 

BIGKID run Breaking Barriers, which is a leadership programme for young people. Many of their staff members are young people themselves, who have come through BIGKID programmes. They also have young leaders on their board of trustees. 


Leaders In Community 

Leaders in Community is a youth-led charity run by a group of active local young people from Tower Hamlets. They were set up in 2009 by a group of young adults who wanted to improve their local services. They have a variety of creative learning programmes aimed to empower young people in leadership and governance. 

Leaders in Community delivered HeadStart Action, a social action and employability programme, to their young people. This provided high-quality training including employment skills and masterclasses. They have their Be.Youth committee to review and scrutinise programs and feed their opinions to the main Board. 


Project Zero WF CIC 

Project Zero WF CIC engages young people in positive activities to promote social inclusion, reduce anti-social / offending behaviour and strengthen community cohesion. Their aim is to see a year when there has been ZERO deaths of a young person from knife or a violent crime. They provide a wide range of activities and services for young people to get involved in. 

Youth Champions at Project Zero WF CIC are trained in becoming an ambassador for Project Zero and promoting our aims, ethos and all of services / activities. They learn skills such as giving presentations, public speaking, working within a team, and what it takes to be a leader. They form Project Zero’s steering group that ensures all services are young person lead. 


Sport at the Heart 

Sport at the Heart (SatH) is a sports development charity operating in the London Borough of Brent. They use sport as a tool for social good and bettering their community. 

SatH’s youth leadership programme has carved out opportunities for young people in their community by offering them an alternative education and learning offer delivered in a community setting. They have a youth board who meet bi-monthly and discuss local needs and shape programmes at Sport at the Heart, which feeds directly into their senior team and board of trustees. 



ThinkForward delivers unique, personalised coaching programmes for young people at a key stage in their lives, enabling them to overcome the challenges they face and make a successful transition into work. They raise the voices of young people and support employers to provide fair access to opportunities. 

ThinkForward’s Ambassador programme sees young people deliver social action projects in their community, partnered with a local charity. Ambassadors choose an issue prominent in their area and plan a project to tackle it. Young people are involved in regular consultation, develop their own social action projects, sit on recruitment panels and speak on behalf of the organisation.