Volunteer of the Year

David Pike – Frenford Clubs 

David Pike has been invaluable member of our volunteering network for the last 6 years, coaching in our cricket sessions three times a week as well as managing various age groups for their matches in both summer and winter indoor league games. David has shown great passion in in volunteering at Frenford and has become an important part in his life.

David’s passion for the club is evident to see when you speak to David, he always wants the young people to do their best and achieve their goals. As well as working full time to volunteer over 9 hours a week is a testament to how much Frenford and the young people mean to him. 


Professora Monalisa – QMC School of Capoeira 

Monalisa spends several hours a week to manage the school. She manages all the administrative tasks, the relations with the parents and the membership contracts for example. On top of the Capoeira school day to day running, she is involved in delivering special projects to get more kids active through sport targeting for example communities in difficulty. 

To recognize her dedication, technique, teaching skills and professionalism in Capoeira, she has been presented this year with the title of Professora. Her progression to this level will inspire many young members and particularly encourage more girls to practice Capoeira. These young members benefit from her significant knowledge and see her as the role model to follow. 


Pauline Avenall – Rathbone Society 

Pauline has been instrumental in mobilising our local community to support our youth club. She is so passionate about reducing food poverty experienced by young people and always strives to ensure every child and young person that attends Rathbone youth club has their needs met. 

Pauline supports the youth service by using her own vehicle to deliver food parcels to our larger families in need. Often providing a listening ear and signposting families to additional support services. Pauline treats every young person as if they are her own and is a huge advocate for young people with disabilities.