The Partnership Working Award

Compass Collective 

Compass Collective assists unaccompanied minor refugees and young people seeking asylum to build resilience and integrate into the UK through theatre, music and film projects and arts-led professional development programmes. The aim of our work is to strengthen communities, build resilience and help people seeking sanctuary integrate into the UK. 

Compass partnered with the Shakespeare’s Globe to run a 6-month professional development arts programme for young refugees and asylum seekers. 91% of the participants felt more confident as a result of the programme. 81.8% felt that they learnt new skills which could be transferable into the professional world and assist them with future opportunities.  


Local Village Network 

Local Village Network is a grassroots charity set up in 2014. Founder Rachael Box and a team of volunteers worked with over 300 young people to create a series of programmes that put young people in control of their future. Local Village Network’s purpose is to ensure that every young person has access to positive networks and an equal chance to reach their full potential. 

During the Black Lives Matter movement, Local Village Network partnered with Deutsche Bank Black Leadership forum to deliver the Amplify Me programme. Amplify Me offered Deutsche Bank employees a weekly opportunity to volunteer in classrooms. The aspiration of students to explore realistic career and/or education options increased for 97% of students. 


Lyric Hammersmith Theatre 

Lyric Hammersmith Theatre is the civic and creative heart of West London. They believe that everyone deserves to experience the life changing impact of theatre. They remove barriers to engagement and ensure young people have the opportunity to discover the power of their creativity, shaping the future of British theatre. 

The ‘Lyric Partnership’ comprises of 8 arts organisations working together to nurture young talent and creativity by engaging young people from West London in high quality, free or low-cost activities in a wide range of art forms. Between 01.09.2021 to 31.08.2022 the partnership delivered 1,104 creative classes, with over 18,000 attendances from young people. 



Spotlight isn’t a youth club, or a youth centre – it’s a multi-million pound creative youth space designed to inspire. It has been shaped by young people, for young people. It offers free, state of the art sound, film, design, art and broadcasting facilities, alongside performance, dance, boxing, fashion, styling and chill areas. 

Spotlight worked with the Tower Hamlet’s GP Care Group and other partners, to provide young people in East London with a new GP service: Health Spot. Health Spot offers friendly, confidential medical appointments with a doctor who is experienced and informed in supporting young people. 100% of young people said the conversation felt like a safe space.