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05 February 2015

Thursday 6th was National Voter Registration Day (NVRD)! London Youth supported many of the youth board members, as well as staff to register, to make their opinions count.

How to register

Missed registering last week? No problem! You can still register online on an ongoing basis.

You can register to vote online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. It’s just a quick, easy and convenient form that takes 5 minutes online (literally!) and doesn't cost a thing.

Over 200,000 young people have fallen off the electoral register – lets get them back on!

Help us get the word out, to ensure young people do not fall of the register and loose the opportunity to have their say. Follow us on twitter@LondonYouth and @BiteTheBallot help us spread the message amongst your family and friends who may not have registered yet that it only takes a few minutes to complete the form.

Tweet your support by using the #WeWantMore and #RegisterToVote hashtag. You can also share this fun, short, video of Ballot Box Man, which has been put together by the Electoral Commission to show what can happen if you haven’t registered and watch this inspirational video to see why you should vote.

And remember – Your vote matters! Make sure you're in and help make history!

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