fbpx National Safeguarding Day - London Youth

25 February 2014

Tuesday 25 February

On Friday 28 February London Youth is taking part in the NCVYS National Safeguarding Day as part of the 'Stop, Look and Listen' Campaign.

NCVYS’s new national safeguarding campaign aims to inspire and encourage children and youth organisations to show commitment to improving their safeguarding policies and standards.

London Youth and a number of other youth organisations from across the country have already pledged their support for the campaign (London Youth's pledge can be found below) and on February 28 will be taking action to review our safeguarding policies and procedures.

London Youth's pledge for the 'Stop, Look and Listen' Campaign:

"Our Head of Safety and Safeguarding pledges to spend 28 February 2014 reviewing and reshaping our existing Safeguarding Policy and Procedures. London Youth also pledges to work with our member clubs in 2014/15 to support them to ensure that their safeguarding practices are robust, which will include an event to support this on Safeguarding Day 2015."

To find out more about the campaign visit the 'Stop, Look and Listen' website http://stoplooklistencampaign.wordpress.com/the-campaign/ 

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