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18 February 2015

On Friday 27 February London Youth is taking part in the NCVYS National Safeguarding Day as part of the 'Stop, Look and Listen' Campaign #StopLookListen15.

NCVYS’s national safeguarding campaign aims to inspire and encourage children and youth organisations to show commitment to improving their safeguarding policies and standards.

This is the youth sector's chance to raise awareness of our vital role in safeguarding and child protection, and to reaffirm our commitment to the high standards we set ourselves. NCVYS is calling on all children and youth organisations to Stop what they are doing, Look at their safeguarding practices and Listen to young people, empowering them to take an active role in managing their own safety. London Youth and a number of other youth organisations from across the country have already pledged their support for the campaign. 

London Youth's pledge for the 'Stop, Look and Listen' Campaign:

‘We will spend time on 27 February updating the member's information pages on the London Youth website and signpost to relevant sources of Safeguarding Information’

What we have already done:

In January, our new Safeguarding Policy was signed off at the assurance committee. Bespoke Safeguarding training was delivered to the Talent Match London Youth Board, Woodrow Apprentices and Build It Mentors, this is what that had to say when asked why they found it useful.


“I felt it was an eye opening experience to be taught so much in that time. It was taught well and made me more aware of the scenarios that may occur in the workplace”


“I found the child protection useful because without it I would have done tons of mistakes, when getting into a situation where a young person or child confides in me. I know now what I'm allowed to say and who to go to in such case. Also knowing that the word abuse isn't just violence but also neglect, mental abuse and planned like child trafficking and that it happens everywhere all the time shocked me. It makes you pay attention more”

In August, we decided to change our DBS checks provider to Disclosure Services. Disclosure Services will be able to provide us with an efficient and cost effective on line service tailored to our specific needs.

We re-vamped our safeguarding training and made it more relevant to our staff.

We signed up to the NSPCC online safeguarding training and made it available to our Trustees who are unable to attend our in house training.

New Pocket Safeguarding Guides were issued to all staff detailing key do’s and don’ts and contact details for our four Designated People.























To find out more about the campaign visit the 'Stop, Look and Listen' website:


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