fbpx National Apprenticeship Week 2016 - London Youth

18 March 2016

In recent years the Government has been trying to create more apprenticeships for young people. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has recently announced his plans for a £1.8 million scheme that will create over 3,500 new apprenticeships across the capital. However what do young people themselves think about apprenticeships?

Our Youth Communications Adviser Lisa Kajue spoke to Jordan Rejlly and Lyle Morgan, two young job seekers to get their thoughts on apprenticeships. When it comes to apprenticeships both Jordan and Lye agree that they are a fantastic option for school leavers.

”It’s half working and half learning as, so it’s a good start for a young person, or anyone who wants to get into a industry”, says Jordan.

However they did still have some concerns, mainly financial.

”The only (negative) thing about apprenticeships is that the pay can be really low. I’ve seen apprenticeships offer candidates £4.00 per hour, and I just think that’s not a London living wage, so I wouldn’t be able to survive on that. Pay is the only thing which prevents me from taking up an apprenticeship.”

When it comes to finding apprenticeships however, Lyle believes that they are easier to find now than they were a few years ago.

While an apprenticeship might not work for every young person, they are excellent for young people like myself who do not find it easy to thrive in a classroom environment. For those like me, who might panic at the mere mention of the word “exam”, an apprenticeship might just be the best option!

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