What you get with membership

We’re a long-standing member of London Youth and are proud to have collaborated with them on so many projects. We’re looking forward to making plans for the future together!

Wac Arts – a charity that runs activities and professional training in the arts for children and young people.

Your membership gives you everything your organisation needs, all in one place – either free or at a heavily discounted price. This includes:

  • Training for all your London-based staff, volunteers and trustees. This includes core competencies such as safeguarding, individual development to upskill your team of youth practitioners, and organisational development to ensure your sustainability and longevity.
  • Networks open to everyone with a passion and interest in youth work in London. You can get peer support and learn best practice from a range of youth organisations, cooperates and partners.
  • Quality Assurance at Bronze, Silver and Gold level recognised by London funders. Be able to endorse your youth services and improve your organisations policies, procedures and practice.
  • Participate in sports, youth action, employability, mental health and wellbeing, and many more high-quality programmes that offer access to grants for your youth organisations.
  • Two residential centres just outside of London giving young people the chance to get outdoors and your organisation can take advantage of significant member discounts.
  • Employee Assistance Programme for all your staff to support their wellbeing.
  • Influence policy and have your voice heard on decisions affecting the youth sector.
  • Support from all of us here at London Youth to be the best you can be and feed into the impact our members are making for young Londoners.