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06 January 2020

The London Youth Visual Art Competition is back for the third year!

We are inviting submissions from young people and youth groups across our member newtork. The shortlisted pieces will be exhibited at a celebratory exhibition event for young people, their youth workers, families & friends. At the event, we’ll announce the winning entries in each category, who will win cash prizes for their youth organisation.

Dates for the diary:
Deadline for Submissions: Friday 21st February at 5pm
Exhibition Launch Party: Thursday 9th April 2020, 6pm – 9pm

How it works:

  1. Identify an amazing piece of visual art work by a young person aged 8 – 25.
  2. Take a photograph or a scan of the work and email it to our Arts Development Manager, Emily Reddon. Tell us the title of the submission and the name and age of the artist(s). The deadline for submissions is Friday 21st February at 5pm.
  3. We’ll shortlist all entries with our panel of young people and arts sector professionals. We’ll let you know by 6th March whether your entry has been shortlisted.
  4. We’ll come pick up the original from your youth organisation.
  5. Join us for the exhibition launch party on Thursday 8th April 2020! All the shortlisted entries will be on display, and we all come together to celebrate the creativity of young people. At the exhibition our judges will announce the winners in each category, who will collect their prizes!

Still not sure? Find out more about the 2018 and 2019 competitions and get inspired! Contact Emily if you have any questions.


What counts as visual art?
We’re pretty relaxed about this and always interested to see what young people are making. Broadly, we think visual art can include painting, drawing, photography, print-making, collage, sculpture, textiles and more. If you have a piece you want to submit and you aren’t sure, let us know.

Who is it for?
Any young person who attends a London Youth member organisation. There are three age categories: 8 – 12, 13 – 17 and 18 – 25.

Can I submit a group project?
We welcome submissions by individual young people as well as group projects.

What if the young people are all different ages?
Lots of groups work with mixed age groups on one project. If that’s the case, we’ll take the median age of all the young people involved, and enter their work in that age category.

Does it have to be something they made at our youth organisation?
No! It’s great if you submit a piece of art your young people made through one of your projects, but if you know a creative young person who makes art in their own time, you can submit their work too.

How do I submit?
You can photograph or scan the original. Please email it to emily.reddon@londonyouth.org, ideally in jpeg or pdf format. If for some reason this won’t work for your submission, drop Emily an email and we’ll figure it out.

What are the prizes?
In each of the three age categories, there are prizes for first (£250), second (£150) and third (£100) place. This means nine entries will win a prize. This prize money is awarded to the youth organisation, not the young person, and it is to be spent on art materials or equipment for the organisation. Each organisation can invoice us after for the relevant amount.

Who can come to the exhibition launch party?
This is open to the young artists themselves and their youth workers. We would also like to invite young people to bring guests such as family or friends. However, depending on the number of submissions and the number of artists involved, we will confirm whether this is possible closer to the time.

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