fbpx London Youth supports Mayor’s announcement of new package of funding to support youth work in London - London Youth

30 July 2021

This injection of a further £5 million of funding from London’s VRU into the youth sector is a welcome boost and a timely uplift for much needed support to London’s youth workers.

The further tiers of funding are set out in the Mayor’s press release which can be read in full here.

Our CEO, Rosemary Wyatt-Wyness welcomed today’s announcement,  and further commented on the content in her quote below:

“Never has the scarcity of resource affecting youth service provision in London been so acute for those on the frontline in communities impacted by violence.  The Mayor’s announcement that London’s VRU will allocate a further £5 million into targeted support for youth workers is a welcome boost and a timely uplift to a sector beset by financial instability.

Affording access to high quality and specialist training for their youth workers, where they can gain skills in mentoring, safeguarding, mental health support and employment opportunities is a gold standard for the many hundreds of member organisations that London Youth is proud to support, some of whom may now benefit from the additional £1.1 million fund.

We also welcome the new £1.1m programme to provide safe spaces and trauma-support specialists for children who have witnessed domestic violence.  Sadly there is a growing number of affected children across the capital and such early intervention will help prevent childhood traumas from defining their adult lives”

Rosemary Watt-Wyness, Chief Executive Officer


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