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05 May 2015

5th May 2015

London Youth has joined with the Early Intervention Foundation to support early intervention for young people. 

A letter, signed by London Youth and other leading charities, was published today in the Independent urging government to intervene early in social problems. Not only does this dramatically improve the chances of young people affected by complex issues, it could save the state £17 bn a year.   

“If families and children are supported earlier," the letter states, "fewer children will need to be taken into care, be excluded from school, develop mental health problems or commit crimes. We must support them from the earliest stage to nurture the skills they need to cope with life’s challenges and flourish. We must transform these children’s lives before it is too late.”

London Youth is proud to be a part of this coalition of charities advocating for change.

To read the letter in full and see all the signatories, click here.

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