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01 September 2023

Winners of one of the awards receiving the recognition and giving the acceptance speech.The London Youth Awards are a unique date in the capital’s calendar when the youth sector is celebrated for its work shaping the lives of young people. London Youth wants to recognise individual youth workers, contributors and organisations for their outstanding service.    

This year’s London Youth Awards 2023 ceremony will be held during Youth Work Week on Tuesday, 7th November. Guests will receive invitations straight to their inboxes. 

We’re proud to be recognising the diverse ways in which youth work makes an impact. Our categories – Somewhere To Go, Something To Do, Someone To Trust – acknowledge the adaptability and inclusivity of youth organisations and reflect the core London Youth mission, vision and values. What makes good youth work may sound simple, but the impact on a young person is invaluable. 

Q&A with young people on the stage.


We will never stop saying that young Londoners need youth work, and we will never stop putting young people at the heart of everything we do. The Awards also act as a showcase of young Londoners’ talent. We want to provide excellent entertainment for the brilliant youth professionals being celebrated! Each year, we invite young performers to make the evening extra special through dancing, singing, acting, or whatever form their artistry takes. 


A dance group receiving an applause after their performance.We can’t wait to host a truly celebratory evening characterised by a collective sense of unity and pride. 

Learn more about the categories and nominate organisations and individuals for their outstanding service. Visit the London Youth Awards page now!

Deadline for nominations is Sunday, 1st October 2023, 23:59. 

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