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03 February 2015

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Back in September 2014 the London Evening Standard launched London United, an initiative to harness football’s power as an agent for social change by funding the training of football coaches in the community. Now as part of phase two of the campaign, London Youth has been named as one of its 21 charity partners. Starting from tomorrow, 12 young people and community leaders from across our membership will get the chance to receive their FA Level 1 coaching badges, with the most promising coaches potentially going on to do their Level 2. The allocation of these places and free accredited training will enable some of the young people participating in our sports development programme, Getting Ready, to gain invaluable personal and professional experience which they may not have had access to otherwise.

John Jones, one of our Sports Development Officers on Getting Ready commented:

“'For many young people and youth clubs who are part of our award-winning sports programme, Getting Ready, football is what hooks them in. We've seen first-hand over many years how football helps to develop young people's confidence, resilience and leadership skills. What the London United campaign offers is a fantastic chance to reward and nurture young people and volunteers to be community role models and give them the platform to inspire the next generation to achieve a sporting habit for life.”

“London United” is an initiative of The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund, a fund managed by The London Community Foundation. Vitality – the healthy living rewards programme offered by insurers PruHealth and PruProtect has made a donation to The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund to back this work.  


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