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29 April 2015

29 April 2015

Thousands took part in the London Marathon last weekend, the biggest in its 35 year history, with 14 runners completing the formidable 26 miles for London Youth.

The fundraisers raised over £25k for our organisation, which will go towards allowing us to continue our work with young people across London.

Speaking about those considering doing it next year, runner and Trustee of London Youth Nat Defriend commented:

“It has been a complete privilege to be part of this wonderful effort with the rest of the marathon team to raise a bit of cash for the brilliant London Youth, just as much of a privilege as it is to be a trustee (only sweatier…much, much sweatier). In two words…DO IT!” 



If you have been inspired by the happy faces of Jim Minton and Sam Grimstone (pictured) but don’t feel quite up to 26 miles yet, you can join our British London 10k 2015 team, where by applying through us, your £50 fee is waived and it is free.

Or if cycling is more of your thing, we still have places for Ride London.

Both deadlines are in June, so don’t delay!

A big thank you to Jan Howard, Rory Smith, David Seymour, Jim Minton, Natalie Hall, Nat Defriend, Jess Peters, Sam Grimstone, Rob Harrison, Joanna Collins, Connor Iontton, Nelson Pacey, Gary Carter, Adam Norris and Mark Finch for running for us this year!

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