14 July 2015

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Last month, James Dellow from Dragon Hall Tech Club, one of our members, gave a Tech Lunch and Learn talk at London Youth. As well as showcasing what new technologies have to offer, James was here to discuss his new venture on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, LonDIN, the London Digital Inclusion  network.  

LonDIN is made up of groups and individuals involved in community work, business, education or technology, who believe that every young person has the right to be included in the developments happening in the digital world. 

Staff had the opportunity the opportunity to try some of these developments such as 3D printing, and the more eclectic-sounding occulus rift , makey makey machine and Google cardboard.

Whilst  this was a lot of fun, it is also a serious issue as young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are not  gaining access to the advances in technology enjoyed by their more privileged peers. LonDIN will provide young people in London with the chance to develop important digital, technical and  technological skills, enabling them to discover, make and create the future. 

Speaking about this new venture, James commented:

“The Digital Inclusion Network is about everyone being included, so no-one gets left behind. The aim is to provide young people with access to the wonderful advances in technology happening now. I believe that every young person deserves the best opportunities that we can give them, and technology is a huge part of that.”

To support James’ Kickstarter campaign, click here.