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22 October 2021

We’re excited to launch our newest round of sports funding for London Youth members.

Sport and physical activity provide more than just an opportunity for young people to be active. These sessions open the door to activities where young people develop key life skills, build connections within their communities and support positive mental wellbeing. The intentional use of sport and physical activity supports all young people to grow and develop.

Our new Sport for Development learning grant is designed around a flexible outcome-focused model. There’s £3,000 funding available for each organisation. More information is available here.

We want to enable your organisation to be more creative and take positive risks when designing programmes. Through the grant, we’ll also provide opportunities for you to learn from other London Youth members who are experts in their communities and have the experience in designing effective programmes for young people.

Sharing and learning

Based on feedback from our members, we’ll be providing more opportunities for youth work professionals to network and learn from each other. As part of the programme, project leads must commit to three learning sessions. You’ll will come together at the start of the programme to co-design your monitoring and evaluation tools. During delivery, we’ll bring you together to share progress and developments. And at the end of the programme, we’ll host a reflective session to discuss the successes and challenges you’ve experience.

Through this programme, we’re aiming to inform and improve future sport for development approaches within community youth organisations.

Sport as a tool in youth work

Sport is an important piece of delivery for many of our members. We are excited to be working with our members on sport for development. And through this work, we want to explore the ways sport can be used as a tool in youth work to ensure that young people:

  • Are physically and emotionally well
  • Have the skills, knowledge, and networks to work towards career goals
  • Make positive contributions in their communities.

Are you a London Youth member? Here’s how to take part

This opportunity is available to members currently on our Getting Active programme.

Find out more about the grant and how to apply >

Interested in running Getting Active? Applications are open.

Find out more about Getting Active and how to apply here >

If you have any questions, please get in touch with sports@londonyouth.org

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