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05 August 2015


Following the closure of Kids Company, we held a meeting on Thursday 6th August with our member youth clubs, local authorities and other partners in the local area where most of their services operate. This meeting was jointly hosted with the Cabinet Office. Many of those organisations know and work in the local community and all of us are committed to working together to support young people with the services they need.

We are now working on a range of immediate measures to signpost young people to other services in the local areas. Local authorities will also be reviewing the most high risk cases on an individual basis to determine what support is required. The local authorities are already offering some information to young people and communities around the areas where Kids Company operated, and with partners we’ll be adding to this information and asking people to make it more widely available as soon as we can. We are also trying to get a picture of where additional resources will be needed to plug the gaps over the summer and beyond.

As soon as we have more details we will publish them.

Rosie Ferguson, Chief Executive of London Youth said:

'"The most important thing right now is for any young people who were accessing Kids Company services to be directed to others who can help them. I’ve been really impressed with the way local youth clubs and other organisations have offered resources and support to ensure young people have somewhere to go throughout the summer where they can access quality youth work.

Right now, it is about working together to use what provision already exists to give the best options possible for young people. In the medium term, our priority will be to convene a discussion with voluntary sector, statutory agencies and private funders on how to ensure long term investment in high quality, sustainable community youth work in those areas where Kids Company was operating, but also more broadly across the capital.’"

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