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05 June 2018

We’re excited to shout about our #iwillPledge this year. We’re continuing our efforts to make sure youth social action is embedded at the core of all of our programmes.

What is great youth social action?

We use the #iWill principles to ensure we are providing quality social action opportunities for young people across our network of over 320 members in London.

At the heart of our programmes, projects are youth-led; young people make decisions about what issues they are passionate about, who they will engage and what they will do.

Project management takes time, needs commitment and requires effort. This means that all programmes are challenging to those taking part but with the support of trusted youth workers, young people are developed and stretched to reach their personal potential. The opportunity to explain and demonstrate their ideas in front of a panel allows the groups to ensure their projects are socially impactful.

Young people research their ideas thoroughly and consider partners that could be useful to work with to ensure their aims can be met and sustained over a long period of time. This ensures our programmes are progressive as young people are able to continue to take part in related activities and are signposted to other opportunities.

Our programmes can then become embedded in the way youth organisations work and so each year more young people become leaders supporting those around them to take part in social action.

Throughout all programmes there are chances for young people to be reflective, considering what has worked well and how they can improve. Celebration events provide a stage for young people to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Our #iwillPledge:

  • By 2020, engage over 1,500 young people from over 100 youth organisations across London in social action and leadership programmes, making efforts to reach out and involve reluctant young people and those who might not otherwise get involved in youth social action.

  • Provide a triple-benefit through participation in our social action programmes: develop the skills of young people, create more cohesive communities and equipping grassroots youth organisations to increase capacity and stability.

  • Strengthen and empower the collective voice of young Londoners to create positive change across the capital, through our youth board Dare London, the use of peer researchers and the encouragement of effective youth participation throughout our membership.

  • Facilitate a network of good practice and support for organisations looking to develop more inclusive social action and projects run by disabled and non-disabled young people together and share stories of diverse groups of young people making a difference.

You can find out more about our youth social action programmes here. Join the conversation on Twitter using #iWillPledge.

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