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01 August 2018

The Mayor of London is consulting on Sports for All of Us: London Sport Strategy, closing on 12th October.

The consultation

The strategy, while acknowledging the physical and mental health benefits of sports, is largely framed in terms of social integration and aligns with the Mayor’s Social Integration Strategy. The strategy has five priority areas:

  • London’s sport, now and in the future (p. 16-21): Building on London’s success and history of sport
  • Theme 1: Socially-integrated through sport (p. 27-37): Encouraging Londoners to have strong relationships, be less socially isolated, and be active in their communities
  • Theme 2: Healthy and active through sport (p. 38-44): Encouraging Londoners to participate in a variety of sport and physical activity in their local area, with a focus on inactivity and mental health
  • Theme 3: Sporting workforce and capacity growth (p. 45-53): Developing and investing in London’s paid and volunteer community sport workforce
  • Sports capital of the world (p. 54-60): Continuing to attract major sporting events to the city, while expanding participation in local community sports

The core of the strategy is the new £8.8 million Sports Unites programme (p. 22-26). The community sports programme will invest in initiatives around London that use sport to bring people from different backgrounds together, strengthen local communities, and improve the physical and mental health of all Londoners. The funding will be distributed through a mix of traditional grants funding, as well as a focus on making ‘bottom-up’ funding available to local communities.

Questions for the youth sector

The key questions for London Youth members and the youth sector are:

  • Does the strategy help young Londoners engage in sport?
  • Do you agree with the strategy, including its vision and themes?
  • How could the Mayor improve social integration through sport?
  • How could the Mayor ensure Londoners are healthy and active through sport?
  • How could the Mayor create a thriving sport sector in London?
  • What are the barriers to sport participation in London and how could the Mayor increase participation, particularly for those who are inactive or have poor access to sports activities and facilities?
  • What are the practical issues regarding the funding and delivery of programmes in the strategy?

Have your say

We will be running a consultation session for members to contribute their views on 20th September at London Youth. If you would like to attend, please get in touch using the link below.

If you would like or have your views or evidence included in London Youth’s response, please get in touch using the link below before 21st September.

Samuel Howell, Policy Officer

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