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09 May 2018

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) is consulting on a new Civil Society Strategy.

The consultation defines civil society as all organisations outside of the public sector, who build a stronger society and improve lives, regardless if they operate for profit or not. It asks what civil society looks like, how well it is operating, and how to strengthen it.

Originally, DCMS planned to issue a separate youth policy statement, but in November they announced this would be merged with this Civil Society Strategy. The consultation includes a section focused on questions about engaging young people and the current role and funding for youth provision.

The consultation

The consultation questions are broken down into the following sections:

The key questions for community youth organisations are:

  • How can government help to increase the impact of civil society?
  • How can civil society be supported to have a stronger role in shaping government policy now and/or in the future?
  • Which changes would enable young people to meaningfully engage and participate in shaping national and local policy and services?
  • Which changes would enable stronger collaboration and more cross sector partnerships with and within the youth sector?
  • What does an effective pool of funding and financing as well as income opportunities for the voluntary and community sector look like?
  • Which changes to the funding and financing environment would better support the work of the voluntary and community sector?
  • Which changes would enable more people to work together locally to break down barriers and build a common sense of shared identity, belonging and purpose in general?
  • Which changes would enable local public services to respond further to the needs of communities?

Have your say

If you would like to have your views, comments, or evidence included in London Youth’s response, please use the link below before 18th May.

Samuel Howell, Policy Officer

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