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02 November 2020

Harper’s Bazaar has reported on our new collaboration with Burberry to support disadvantaged young people in London.

Burberry is also partnering with English international footballer and youth advocate, Marcus Rashford MBE, in joining forces with charities supporting young people across the world, empowering the voices that will shape our tomorrow, and in support of his efforts to end child food poverty.

This new initiative will involve Burberry teaming up with various charities across the UK and around the world.

These include; in London, Burberry will work with London Youth, which supports a network of over 600 community youth organisations and creates thousands of engaging opportunities for young people each year, in Manchester, Burberry is supporting Norbrook Youth Club and Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre, which are both youth centres that played a pivotal role in Rashford’s childhood, the house will contribute to Wide Rainbow, a non-profit based in New York City providing access to the arts and arts education in neighbourhoods across the United States with little to no resources.

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