07 December 2018

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This year’s London Youth Development Grant was given to member projects focusing on wellbeing and mental health. We previously carried out research which found that young people are feeling increasingly unsupported when it comes to their mental health and wellbeing, and that youth organisations are often reaching into new and complex territory in order to respond to this changing need.

With this in mind, we worked with eight of our members across the summer of 2018 to test new solutions to support the wellbeing and mental health of young people in the capital. Projects were designed to complement existing provision and used a range of different approaches. This included training and support for staff, one-to-one and group activities for young people focusing on promoting wellbeing and building young people’s knowledge in the area, as well as integrating mental health support into positive activities such as sport and art.

What all the projects have in common is they supported young people across London to identify how they might deal with problems they may face in the future and be better equipped to proactively manage their own wellbeing.

This collection contains blogs written by each project, detailing what they did over the summer and how this supported the young people they work with. We hope you can take some ideas and inspiration from what they have achieved and learned, and begin to think about how you or your organisation can better support the wellbeing and mental health of young Londoners.

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