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04 October 2012

Sports participation programme takes young Londoners to Zambia

Getting Ready took 13 young people away to Zambia on a Tag Rugby tour in 2012.


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The young people came from Hackney Quest and Coram’s Fields, two central London youth clubs from our network. Together, the young people from the two clubs formed a team: The Tag Rugby Rebels and Titans.

In partnership with the Tag Rugby Trust, and supported by the RFU and the Dallaglio Foundation the young people completed a 12 month leadership programme in their local communities, culminating in this two-week tour, which began on Friday 12th October 2012.

The purpose of the Tag Rugby Rebel and Titan tour was to deliver a Tag Rugby programme across Zambia. The Rebels and Titans worked with local sports leaders in schools and orphanages, creating strong sporting communities for the future and developing their leadership skills. To ensure sustainability, the Tag Rugby Trust’s Level One qualification and Young Leadership Award was delivered to Zambian teachers, volunteers and participants.

The tour was part of our Sports Development programme, Getting Ready for the Games and Beyond. The Getting Ready programme works to increase the number of typically inactive young people playing sport.

The Rebels and Titans worked hard preparing for the tour; fundraising to cover travel costs as well as developing themselves as sports leaders. In preparation for the tour the young people  achieved a cocktail of qualifications: they have been on Community Sport Leader Award Level 2 and Introduction to Youth Work course, gained qualifications as Tag Rugby Tutors, and been on first aid and public speaking courses.

Ted Gates – a young person on the project said:

“I have come a long way in the last 12 months. I have gained qualifications in coaching Rugby and Youth Work as well as volunteering my time at sports festivals where I have learnt a variety of skills including communication and leadership. This project is literally life changing for me and I can’t wait to help young people who don’t have the opportunities that we do”.

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