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26 August 2021

As part of the Cornerstone project we ran a series of training for youth organisations and youth workers about engaging with research. Youth organisations are increasingly interested in demonstrating the effectiveness of their practice because of funders requirements and their own desire to understand the impact they’re making.


01: Introduction to Qualitative Data Collection

This training session builds on youth workers’ existing skills of conversation, dialogue, reflection and creativity – all of which lend themselves to qualitative research and evaluation. We discuss how to turn ‘anecdote’ into ‘evidence’, how to use interviews, focus groups, observations and other creative qualitative methods as rigorous forms of research and evaluation. We think about ethics, youth participation, online qualitative methods, and how to describe qualitative research to funders and others.

The training is aimed at youth workers, youth work managers, evaluators, and research and learning practitioners in youth organisations. It will be facilitated by Dr Tania de St Croix (King’s College London), a qualified and experienced youth worker and qualitative researcher, who is currently researching impact, evaluation and accountability in youth work.

Access the Recording here.

Access the Briefing here.

The training can be accessed above, along with an accompanying brief that has been developed to support you to access this training.

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