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Wheel of Life

Brief:Young people see visually what is important to them

Equipment: Pen and paper

Step by Step

  1. Give out a pen and a paper to each young person, they should draw a circle and draw lines from the centre to split into 6 segments.
  2. Get the young people to think about 6 important areas of their lives. For example: physical health, mental health, family, social, career, spiritual, education, career, family, friends, finances, exercise, and creative projects.
  3. They should label each segment with an important area of their life.
  4. Next they should colour in or shade how important they feel these areas are to them, and/or what they feel requires their attention at this time.
  5. Reflect with them why different parts are important.

Things to Consider



This exercise helps young people to be able to explore what things are important to them and how that fluctuates.

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