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What it can Feel Like

Brief:A physical and theatrical way to explore how depression and anxiety can feel

Equipment: N/A

Step by Step

  1. Ask the young people to get into pair, they should label themselves A & B. A will “hypnotise” B with their hand – B must always keep their face just a few inches from A’s hand – always an equal distance. A should try to manipulate B into all sorts of positions. Once run through for 2-3 minutes get the pairs A & B to swap around.
  2. This can also be done with just one pair demonstrating for the group.
  3. Discuss with the young people how it felt to lead and be lead. You can then align this to the feelings that people living with depression and anxiety might feel at times.

Things to Consider

This activity should not be done in isolation and may be triggering for some young people who are living with depression and anxiety. It is important that you run further follow up activities and or 1:1s that explore coping mechanisms or sign post further help.


Living with depression and anxiety can feel like fog or a hand in front of someone’s face. It can prevent you from being able to participate in many things in our life.

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