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Tap, Stomp & Scream

Brief:A physical activity that allows young people to reflect on their day with a physical release

Equipment: N/A

Step by Step

  1. Get the young people to find a space in the room where they feel comfortable.
  2. Ask them to close their eyes and reflect on the day/week they have had (If you want to can ask the young people to name the overriding emotion they have felt. You can tap each young person on the shoulder and ask them to share their emotion out loud).
  3. Ask the young people to tap themselves lightly on their arms and legs with their hands.
  4. Count up to 10 and invite them to tap faster as the count reaches 10. When you get to 7, ask them to pace their feet, leading to an eventual stomping by 10. By 10 they will be stomping and tapping at a very fast pace. Throughout the activity they should be reflecting on their day and the emptions they have felt.
  5.  Once you are at 10, give everyone the instruction to shout out, to scream.

N.B. You may want to run the exercise through first without getting them to reflect on the day.

Things to Consider

Remind the young people that the rate that they tap themselves does not mean that they should increase the force with which they are tapping themselves.


The physical and vocal release of tension and emotion built up from the day is a really good way for young people to reset themselves and prepare for your session.

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