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Sugar Smart

Brief:An activity to explore how nutrition effects mental health

Equipment: Pictures of food and drinks that your young people consume often, sugar cubes or anything that could represent the sugar cubes e.g. paper clips or bags of sugar

Step by Step

  1. Introduce the food and drink, ask who consumes what.
  2. Ask the group to guess how much sugar is in each item.
  3. Use a glass jar or jug etc. and place food/drink in front of each glass. Ask the young people to pour into the glass how much sugar they think is in each food/drink item using bags of sugar.
  4. Discuss the implications of sugar on MH and energy (https://www.sugarsmartuk.org/). You can continue the discussion around sugary foods being cheaper and more accessible.

Things to Consider

Be careful not to accuse the young people. Also be aware that body image, eating difficulties may trigger some young people.



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