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String Story

Brief:Gets young people to talk about themselves

Equipment: Different lengths of string in a ball

Step by Step

  1. Youth worker has a ball of yarn at different lengths in a ball.
  2. Young people are invited to pull a piece of yarn from the ball.
  3. Group separate into pairs and give themselves the tile of A and B.
  4. 3. In pairs they have a task to talk about themselves / and or a point of interest for as long as it takes to wind the yarn around their finger.
  5. The listening young person will be asked to remember what their partner has said so that they can share key points back to the wider group.

Variation: Young people can put topics/questions in a hat, these can be the topics that the group focus on with the youth worker picking out suitable questions and issues.

Things to Consider

Young people may run out of things to say, it can be uncomfortable to stand and talk in front of somebody, give suggestions of what they can be talking about as you walk around the space; ‘you may have run out of things to talk about but have you mentioned… your favourite food and why, what you’re thinking of being when you grow up, your least favourite subjects at school ect’



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