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Stress Bingo

Brief:Light-touch ice breaker

Equipment: Bingo worksheets and Pens/pencils

Step by Step

  1. Give everyone in the group a bingo worksheet.
  2. Explain that you need to network with each other to find people with the stressors/relivers including on the worksheet.
  3. When someone has a horizontal or vertical line crossed off, they shout bingo.
  4. Ask the winner ‘what did you learn about different stressors?’, ‘did you notice any commonalities with anyone?’
  5. If bingo gets shouted early, keep going until a 2nd or 3rd person get bingo.

Below is an example of a stress bingo designed for a young women & girls session:

Things to Consider

Are there any people in your group who might be triggered by the examples? Make certain that examples are appropriate.


Helps young people work out commonalities across the group and realise that struggling is common.

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