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Story of your Name

Brief:Soft-touch ice breaker

Equipment: Craft materials, card, hole punch and string/wool to make a lanyard type of tag.

Step by Step

  1. Young people enter the room with music playing and arts and crafts materials on a table.
  2. They are invited to create a name tag, they can choose to use the name they were given by their parents or carers, or they can choose to use a nickname.
  3. They are told that when they are finished, they will gather and tell the story of their name.

Variation: The ‘story’ that the young people are asked to share can change to match the theme of the session more closely. Ie, the ‘story’ of why you decided to join this group.

Things to Consider

This is a good exercise to deliver at the start of a new group, young people may feel nervous and working creatively and quietly can help ease them into a new session. The youth worker can take the opportunity to use the making time to talk to the young people.



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