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Doable vs Effective

Brief:An activity to help narrow down the idea of the project to be delivered

Equipment: Flip chart paper, pens, post-it notes

Step by Step

  1. Following the Issues Tree activity, use the post-it notes containing different ideas or solutions of what could be done by the group to tackle or improve the issue.
  2. Use the diagram opposite to have the group rate and put their ideas on post its onto the diagram of the impact vs how doable it is to decide what is realistic or what will be done first – how much of a challenge do they want? What is the perfect balance of the two.
  3. Encourage the group to move away from any idea that is going to be hard to do and not very effective.




Things to Consider



To help make a decision about which project idea to take forward and as learn more about the concept of impact vs. how doable.

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