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Issues Tree

Brief:An activity to collect issues young people and/or their community are facing

Equipment: Flip chart paper, pens, post-it notes, issue tree model

Step by Step

  1. Draw out an Issue Tree, or ask the group to (see template).
  2. First, support the group to decide on the issue they will explore writing this in the trunk of the tree, encouraging them to be as specific as possible (e.g.. knife crime affecting young people in Shoreditch, rather than ‘youth violence’).
  3. Then go to the ‘roots’ and ask the young people add things that cause the issue here.
  4. Then move onto the ‘branches’, asking young people to write down effects of this issue
  5. Finally, ask the group to discuss and share different ways they could tackle or make a positive contribution in this area – write each idea on a post-it and these become the ‘fruit’ of the tree.


To be specific about the issue, understanding the causes and effects, leading to ideas of what the group could do.

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