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Scavenger Hunts

Brief:A competitive activity for teamwork and communication

Equipment: Items for young people to collect

Step by Step

  1. Put the young people into groups of 4-5.
  2. Give each group a list of collectables they must search for in the surrounding area.
  3. Set up the situation with a time limit.
  4. Upon returning at the end of the time limit, the group that has found the most collectables win and can be given a small prize.
  5. Discuss with the young people how it felt to be on the scavenger hunt, how they worked together as a team and how they communicated with one another.

Things to Consider

This activity requires more set up time that others.


This is a great way to get young people active and on a wellbeing walk, at the same time as fostering a sense of competition, developing skills of teamwork and facilitation.

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