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Practice Gratitude

Brief:Starter or finishing activity to remember the things we have to be grateful for

Equipment: N/A

Step by Step

  1. Ask the young people to stand around in a group. Each young person steps forward and recalls aloud 3 things they are grateful for.
  2. You can extend this exercise by asking them to say 3 thank yous:
    – to someone in the room for…
    – to someone outside of the room for…
    – to themselves for…
  3. Alternatively, the young people can complete this activity in a journal.

Things to Consider

Be careful not to encourage young people to think of areas of their life that might be a trigger, areas where they may not feel grateful for anything at the time.


Practicing gratitude offers a moment to recall the good things in the present and magnify them. It can also help us to better cope with the stressors.

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