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Object Memory

Brief:Allowing young people to share memories using the object as a portal


Step by Step

  1. Young people are invited to think of an object that brings them joy every time they think of it, this can be done with a short mindfulness exercise: “Close your eyes and picture an object that brings you joy every time you think of it, where does it live in your house, why do you choose to keep it there? What does it remind you of when you see it? How do you use it/ interact with it?
  2. Young people are invited to share their object and the reason they chose it.

Variation: The object can be used as a gateway into more complex and nuanced sharing, such as ‘think of an object that you cannot live without, think of the most precious object that you have been given’, ‘think of three objects that explain a lot about the person you are’.
Other questions can follow such as where do you feel the emotion in your body? What does the feeling make you want to do? Can you generate that feeling and use it for a time when you might need to remember the good things in life? Could invite young people to draw the object that they are thinking of.

Things to Consider

It is important to note if this game brings up any negative emotions for young people. Consider your group and how you might best manage these if they arise.


This is a simple exercise that can serve as a gateway to sharing and connecting on a deeper level than typical icebreakers allow. It should be used at a time when the group is comfortable and supportive of each other.

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