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Joint Freeing

Brief:Relaxation activity that involves the body

Equipment: N/A

Step by Step

  1. Either seated or on the floor, roll the following joins one after the other. As the facilitator you can count how long they should do each for or how many times they should roll:

    – Circle the ankle
    – Circle the knee
    – Rock hips back and forth
    – Arch the back and around the back
    – Roll the shoulders
    – Roll the wrists
    – Turn the neck from side to side
    – Open and close the jaw smile
    – Self-massage the head
    – Self-massage any part of the body
    – Lift the arms up and down with the breath

Things to Consider

This activity can make young people laugh but do not worry if they don’t take it seriously at first, they will benefit from the relaxation.


Rolling joins creates space for people to get into their body and out of their heads. It can help people to track where any tension might have built up in their body.

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