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Guardian Angels

Brief:Activity to foster acts of kindness

Equipment: Post it notes and hat

Step by Step

  1. The young people put their names on a post-it notes and fold it in half. The youth worker collects the names in a hat.
  2. Young people take a name that is not their own from out of the hat.
  3. The youth worker explains that they are that person’s guardian angel and they task is to secretly do a nice action for that person by the end of the allotted time.
  4. At the end of the allotted time the young people can guess who their guardian angel might have been.

Things to Consider

This game works well for concentrated programme such as a residential as it can create an atmosphere of giving. It can also work well for a one-off session and should be set up at the start of the session. Young people should be encouraged to do things that their person would like, this may mean that they must talk to their person to find out what things they can do.


Many studies have found that helping others can lead to an increased feeling of wellbeing.  This exercise can show the young people that doing something nice for someone else can be fun and result in them feeling good.

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