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Empathy Tunnel

Brief:An activity to explore what others may be going through

Equipment: N/A

Step by Step

  1. In groups, get the young people to look over some case studies of other young people. Or ask the young people to come up with a story about an imaginary young person that may be going through a tough time.
  2. Get the young people to think about emotions or stressors that the person might be feeling. They should choose one word for the next part of the activity. They may wish to complete this in a mind map.
  3. Apart from one person in their group, as the rest of their group to line up in two lines that are facing each other.
  4. One by one the young people should walk through the “Thought Tunnel” as the remaining young people say the word that they choose at that person.
  5. Discuss with the young people what it felt like to walk through the tunnel and what it felt like to say the words to that person who walked through. Steer the discussion to focus on how that person might be feeling.

Things to Consider



Empathy is an important skill to practice. The young people can put themselves in the position of someone else. Empathy is key to helping us build healthy relationship.

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