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Compliment Circle

Brief:Encouraging positive statements about yourself and others

Equipment: N/A

Step by Step

  1. Get the young people to stand or sit in a circle. They need to think of and then say one at a time: “Something you…”
    – like about the person to your left
    – like about yourself
    – you would change
  2. Discussion points following the circle how does it feel to reflect on self, to receive compliments, to be vulnerable to flaws.
    Try to encourage young people to focus on other attributes other than physical ones.

Things to Consider

Consider whether the final bullet point is appropriate in your setting.


Getting young people to speak positively about themselves and others is key to positive self-esteem. Thinking about what you would change enables young people to analyse negative thoughts that come to them and find ways to dispel the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves.

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