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Clap just Because

Brief:Allowing young people to appreciate and be appreciated just because they are there (for activities that involve sharing to the group)

Equipment: N/A

Step by Step

  1. The youth worker introduces the notion that the groups should clap before the individual or group has shared. The clap is a celebration of them, if the young people do not know each other they are to imagine that they are clapping for someone or something they really care about.
  2. The group or individual receiving the clap are set the challenge of allowing themselves to be celebrated, if they can they should try to look at the clapping group and make some eye contact, they can have fun with it and take a bow if they wish.
  3. The group are tasked with continuing the clap until they feel that it has been received.
  4. After the group or young people have shared the group should respond with silent ‘jazz hands’ rather than clapping for a ‘good sharing’.

Things to Consider

It can be difficult to take being celebrated, the youth worker can acknowledge this and give the exercise the time it needs to allow everyone to be celebrated. A group or individual may feel overwhelmed and decide not to stand up, if this is the case the youth worker can direct the clap to them whilst they are sat down, however, it should not be to their clear discomfort.


We are conditioned towards rewarding a ‘good performance’ with clapping. For many people standing up in front of a group can be a challenge and that should be celebrated. This exercise can become part of the group culture-shifting the focus of the praise from ‘good or bad’ to celebrating for just being.

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