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Body Scan

Brief:Ground young people in their bodies

Equipment: N/A

Step by Step

  1. The youth worker should create a calm and comfortable environment, that can enable the young people to sit or lay down. If possible, they should make the room darker and play relaxing spa like music.
  2. The youth worker should then focus on different areas of the body asking the young people to pay attention to what they are feeling. The intention should be to witness what they are feeling rather than trying to change it.
    The scan can go in this order:

    Head: How does your scalp feel, your jaw, your forehead? Do you have a particular facial expression? Can you feel the air travel through your nose or mouth?

    Neck and shoulders: How does your neck feel, is it tense or relaxed, how do your shoulders feel, are they tight and held up closer to your ears or are they relaxed and tension-free?

    Chest. back and tummy: How does your chest feel? Are you breathing regularly? Are you holding your breath? Can you feel your diaphragm rise and fall? Is your stomach full, is it grumbling? Does it feel calm? How does your back feel?

    Arms and hands: How do the tops of your arms feel? What about your elbows can you feel them, what are your hands doing? Are they clenched or relaxed? What temperature are they? Are they clammy? Too cold, too hot, or just, right?

    Legs and feet: how are your legs feeling? Are they comfortable? Observe the position that you naturally put them in to for this exercise, can you feel where your leg ends and where the surface of the floor/chair begins? What about your feet? How much have they walked today? How do your toes feel?

Things to Consider



This exercise enables young people to be aware of their bodies. Refocusing from the mental to the physical can make the young people present in the current moment.

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