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Letter from my Body

Brief:Young people receive wisdom from the different parts of their bodies

Equipment: Pens and paper, calming music

Step by Step

  1. After the body scan young people are given some paper and a pen.
  2. The youth worker askes the young people to write themselves a message from their (body part), it should be done as a free writing activity that lasts for no more than 6 mins per body part.
  3. The young people should write the line: “dear (young person’s name), this is your (head/neck/shoulders/arms/ back/ chest/tummy/legs/feet), I am glad that we are finally getting a chance to speak because I wanted to tell you …”
  4. Young people can be invited to share anything they found out.
  5. Young people can also be invited to write a response to the specific body part.

Things to Consider



This can be a powerful exercise that allows young people to learn more about their bodies. By isolating the specific parts young people may feel more able to find compassion for certain parts of their bodies and forge a more compassionate bond with themselves.

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