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All About Me

Brief:Exploring one’s identity

Equipment: Paper, pens, tracing paper

Step by Step

  1. Take a photograph of each young person and print on a standard computer (if possible, turn the contrast up on the print).
  2. Using tracing paper, each young person should trace around themselves – the photograph to a new page.
  3. Set the young people to find images from either the internet or magazines that they identify with or that tell people something about themselves.
  4. Using the images cut them up and create a collage overlapping the traced photograph of themselves. Encourage use of pencils and paint etc to add colours.
  5. You can follow up with a reflection in a journal or a discussion: How did it feel to share with others? How was the process of creating this and spending time with yourself and your identity feel? Why did you choose particular images or colours?
  6. Create an exhibition of the finished artworks. The young people can share with each other, or invite other young people and/or invite parents and carers.

Things to Consider



This is a good way to creatively explore identity and the things that matter to us. If we remember the things that matter to us we can reflect on their value and impact and be certain to treasure them going forwards.

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