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Affirmation Share

Brief:A activity to share affirmations with others

Equipment: Cards or cups

Step by Step

  1. On either cards or cups (these can be disposable or ones you are able to keep at your organisation), get the young people to write an affirmation to another person. It might be someone they know, or it could be a general positive message.
  2. Challenge the young person to hand out the affirmation card to someone that they know. The same can be done with disposable cups. Should you use cups that you can decorate, the young people may write affirmations for themselves. They can then use the cups when they are at sessions at your organisation.

Things to Consider



Both sharing affirmations with other people and sharing them with ourselves is very important for our sense of self-worth. What is also essential with affirmations is that they do not always have to be earned as many other forms of compliments and thanks often to.

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