29 March 2019

The Evening Standard ran an article on employment opportunities for young Londoners and about the organisations supporting them.

Margarett, a member of our Dare London youth advisory board, spoke to the Evening Standard about her employment journey and the support she received on our employability programme, Talent Match London:

“It’s tempting to get involved in crime,” she admits. “Having to go to the food bank, job centre and therapy – and other services – without letting it knock your confidence is very hard. At least I had some A-levels. Many of those I am with didn’t have any qualifications.”

She managed to get into university, but due to a lack of support was forced to drop out. This is when Talent Match London stepped in. charities like ReachOut are giving disadvantaged youth the chance to turn their lives around after visiting her hostel. The scheme, managed by London Youth, an MtW partner, helped Margarett, below, to get on track and gain back her confidence through volunteering.

“I’m now working as teaching assistant at Treehouse, an autism specialist school, doing one-to-one teaching with kids who need more help and support,” says Margarett.

“I’m going back to university in September to study sociology and anthropology, but alongside that I’m going to do a part-time course to become a learning and behavioural specialist.”

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