fbpx DSTNGR: ‘LABELS’ collection by Champion combatting negative stereotypes of young Londoners - London Youth

28 November 2018

The fashion blog DSTNGR has covered our new campaign, Champion London Youth. You can get involved in the campaign here.

London Youth and the sportswear brand Champion have come together for this campaign to combat negative stereotypes about young people. We believe in young Londoners – in their potential, talent, enthusiasm for life, and resilience to overcome difficult situations. We want to give voice to London’s younger generation and to shine a light on the side the positive stories about inspirational young people.

The campaign comes to life through a collection of t-shirts, each inspired by the personal stories of five young people who have faced stereotyping and have overcome this with the help of their youth clubs and organisations, which are all members of London Youth. The t-shirts are on sale through Champion’s Soho shop and Urban Outfitters.

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