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01 October 2015

Thursday 1 October 2015

Our first Dare London meeting took place on Wednesday the 30th of September. This will be one of a series of gatherings for our youth advisory board over the next ten months. The evening kicked off with a few ice-breaker style activities where the young people were encouraged to familiarise themselves with the London Youth office space, members of staff and each other.

After building up to one game of  Rock Paper Scissors involving the whole room, it was time to settle in to discuss what Dare Londoners would be involved in over the next few months. The meeting was led by Nabhaan who has been a Dare Londoner for two years alongside Sophie, our Youth Action Delivery Officer. 

Our present cohort of Dare Londoners come from a wide range of clubs across our membership and were very eager to understand more about what they would be getting involved in over the course of the ‘Dare London year’.

In a session led by the Communications Team at London Youth, the Dare Londoners chose the priority areas that they would expect the next London Mayor to focus on. It was an interesting exercise that encouraged the young people to think about what they saw as the necessary services required for the wellbeing of young people in London.

Also discussed during the meeting was the imminent residential at Hindleap Warren, one of our two outdoor residential centres, and the first trip of the year for our new Dare Londoners.

If the evening was anything to go by, there is no doubt that our youth advisory board will be making waves in London, so watch this space!

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