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18 February 2016

My name is Frankie; I was given the opportunity to spend a day at London Youth with the Communications Team as a part of Dare Takeover. The takeover gives us the chance to see London Youth like we’d never seen it before. Behind the scenes access to how the organisation works. I first got involved with London Youth through Melanie who was a youth worker at my youth club WAC Arts in Hampstead.

I chose to work with the Comms team which enabled me to experience what it is like to work in the communication department of a charity. This also gave me a good insight into what kind of social media London Youth use. I have also learnt how to develop my personal online identity to grow my online presence which will allow me to reach more people in the music industry. I used the day as a chance to seek further advice from the communications team on internet safety. Katie, Communications Support Officer, showed me how to change the privacy settings on Twitter which will enable me to manage who can see the content I chose to share meaning I’ll be safer online.

During my time at the day I had the opportunity to interview two members of staff. The first interview was with Head of Finance, Lorna who attended a grammar school in Jamaica where she found her love for mathematics. Lorna’s job is to ensure that London youth has the appropriate funds to continue supporting young people and youth organisations in London. When Lorna is not being a wonderful maths magician, she takes the time out enjoy hosting a radio show where she shares music with positive messages along with Jazz and Reggae.

I went on to meet Phil, Head of Membership Development. Since Phil has been working at London Youth he has successfully established a Membership Development team at London Youth that engages with various youth clubs and organisations around London. Phil was a youth worker before coming to work for London Youth which created his passion for working in a youth charity. In his spare time Phil loves to indulge in sports such as football and even underwater hockey!

London Youth has had a very positive impact on me in terms of teaching me the importance of an online personality as well as a person presence. They have been supportive when additional needs have been brought to their attention for example when I told them I had a form of autism. For the Dare Takeover, I was reassured I would have someone to meet me at a familiar location at the beginning of the day. The quietness of the office helped my train of thought which allowed me to focus.

I admire the motto: to challenge and support young people to be the best that they can. I feel this not only applies to the young people they support but also the staff that make up the organisation. London Youth really does feel like a family.

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