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20 November 2014

Thursday 20 November

Some of you may have seen the news story in the Guardian which suggested large cuts to spending on young people and education in London.

This kind of story is obviously concerning,  because we want to see more, not less, investment in young people in London.

Currently our understanding from discussions with the Greater London Authority (GLA) is that there are no plans to make cuts as suggested in the article.

This of course is no guarantee that funding levels will remain the same, but the GLA have made a number of commitments to supporting young people in and outside of school already and we would expect these to be met.

We will continue to make the case to the GLA and others that they maintain and increase provision and programmes, and meet the commitments they have made to supporting young people in London.

As a member or supporter of London Youth, we would of course welcome any thoughts you may like to share. So please email us on hello@londonyouth.org.uk.

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